Episode 70: STLV50 Preview

STLV50 Preview


Our countdown has finally ticked down to zero and we’re on our way to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for Creation Entertainment’s 2016 Official Star Trek Convention to celebrate the 5oth Anniversary of the franchise we all love so dearly.

We’re joined in this episode by our great friend, Adam Drosin, who we met at last year’s STLV! We’ll talk to Adam about his fandom, what made him decide to start going to conventions, and his plans for this year. Then, we’ll all take a look at this year’s STLV schedule and highlight the things we’re really excited about–and the things you shouldn’t miss!

In addition, we’ll discuss our plans for social media on the days of the convention! You may not be albe to make it to Las Vegas this year, but we’ll do our best to keep you all informed!

Our plane touches down in Las Vegas shortly, but you can listen to our STLV Preview in Episode 70 RIGHT NOW!


Camp Khitomer


Five Year MissionWe’re here in Vegas and so is 5YM to play for five straight days as the house band for Creation’s 2016 Las Vegas Official Star Trek Convention!

We’re excited to see them again and we are truly grateful to them for letting us use their amazing music for the podcast. Please support them and buy their albums! Plot a course over to and check out all their tunes–and get yourself some cool Five Year Mission gear!

Here’s a rundown of the 5YM tracks we used in this episode!

The Cage – [Track 1] – Year One
The Trouble With Tribbles 6 – [Track 6] – The Trouble With Tribbles

Bumper Music
Beam Down
Take a Ride


Direct Download Link:


Episode 68: Shore Leave Crossover

Tricorder Transmissions' Shore Leave Crossover


It is certainly no secret how much we love the folks over at Tricorder Transmissions, and specifically Shore Leave!  Heather, Jeff and the whole team are amazing and bring listeners awesome information about conventions each and every week!

As STLV gets closer and closer and the excitement continues to build, we felt this would be the perfect time to welcome Heather Barker and Jeff Hulit to the podcast to talk about Vegas and what we can expect in just TWO SHORT WEEKS!

We will discuss all kind of interesting details, from pre-registration to the “Cosplay Is Not Consent” movement!

Additionally, there has been some amazing Star Trek news this week including Star Trek 4 already in the works, the new Trek Series to be on Netflix (for some people), and Dan will be geeking out very soon as he starts to build his Mega Bloks Enterprise!


Heather and Jeff chat with Dani Schwartz of ShopLLAP about the history of the store, designing merchandise with her grandfather Leonard Nimoy, and the special items she will have available at the convention.


Five Year Mission

We can’t thank FIVE YEAR MISSION enough. We are truly grateful to them for allowing us to use their music for every episode of Trek Geeks. You really should check them out–they’re writing and recording one original song for each episode of  the classic Star Trek series from the 1960’s.

Beam on over to their website at and check out all of their fantastic albums!  You can hear them all: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, The Trouble with Tribbles, and of course, the amazing Spock’s Brain!

If you’re headed to Creation Entertainment’s 15th Annual Las Vegas Official STAR TREK Convention 2016, don’t forget to check out their space in the Vendor’s Room where they’ll have some special STLV merch! Please show them some love and support them!

Here’s a rundown of the 5YM tracks we used in this episode!

The Cage – [Track 1] – Year One
The Trouble With Tribbles 6 – [Track 6] – The Trouble With Tribbles

Bumper Music
Metamorphosis – [Track 7] – Year Three
The Galileo Seven – [Track 1] – Year Two
Within the Mainframe – [Track 5] – Spock’s Brain


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Episode 48: Kipleigh Brown

Qapla’, ‘Kip-le!Ep 48 - Kipleigh Brown

It isn’t everyday that a guest responds to an invitation to come on our show in Klingon! How could we not be excited?

In this weeks episode of  Trek Geeks – A Star Trek Podcast, Dan and Bill welcome the very funny and very talented Kipleigh Brown to the show!  As Lt. Barbara Smith, she has helped navigate Kirk and crew to new worlds and new civilizations in several episodes of Star Trek Continues, and we are thrilled to have her discuss her experiences on set!

Additionally we talk about other projects Kipleigh has been seen in, such as  “R.U.R.: Genesis” and “Yesterday was a Lie“, both directed by our good friend James Kerwin, as well as Season 3’s “The Forgotten” on Star Trek: Enterprise.  Whether it is stand up comedy, drama, science fiction or sounding like a robot, Kipleigh is always full of energy and ready to share some great stories!

In addition, the guys discuss Bill’s recent guest appearance on The Tricorder Transmissions’ Shore Leave Podcast as we finally “cross the podcast streams” with our good friends Jeff and Heather.

Also, Tony Todd in the new Star Trek Series on CBS All Access?  Your face in Star Trek: Wrath of Gems? The Trek Geeks Trek50 Project?  All this and more on Episode 48 of Trek Geeks!



See the trailer for the critically-acclaimed  science fiction noir film starring Kipleigh Brown and directed by James Kerwin!


Get SPOCK'S BRAIN NOW!We can’t thank our friends in the band FIVE YEAR MISSION enough!

We love their music and they’re absolutely kind and gracious enough to allow us to use their songs in our podcast. We’d truly appreciate it if you’d shoe them some love and go buy a copy of their new album, “Spock’s Brain,” NOW!  Click the album cover to buy a digital download from their website today!

We’d also love for them to be the House Band once again at the gigantic Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas in 2016, so please let Creation Entertainment know you would, too!



All you have to do is tell us about the very first time you ever watched Star Trek!  Find out more in today’s episode or on our Trek50 page!





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Episode 45: Happy Birthday Trek Geeks!


Trek Geeks 1st BirthdayAfter an impromptu week off because of ailing parents, Dan and Bill are back–and it’s time to celebrate Trek Geeks’ First Birthday!

Last year at this time, we had no idea what to expect and it’s been nothing short of amazing. We’ll take a look back at the last year and some of our favorite moments, as well as what we’ve learned in the process of launching this show. In addition, we’ll also reveal our favorite episodes of the podcast so far as we look to the future!

Then, it’s time for some role playing: imagine you’re the only person stationed at an outpost in the furthest reaches of the galaxy. What Star Trek episodes would you select to bring with you to watch until the end of time? Some of the answers may surprise you!

We’ll start the show with some current news developments including news about Star Trek Timelines, the latest developments in the lawsuit between CBS/Paramount and Axanar Productions, and an update on tickets for this year’s Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas!

It’s all in Episode 45 and, well, it’s our birthday…so check it out!



Star Trek Timelines is live!

Axanar has retained counsel for the suit brought by CBS and Paramount.

Peters: ‘Axanar Quality Spurred Lawsuit’

Alec Peters’ transcribed quotes from 1701News interview.



Buy all their albums online at FiveYearMission.netWe truly can’t thank the guys in Five Year Mission enough for allowing us to use their amazing music each and every episode! Please–support them. Go out to and check out their music, including their new album, “Spock’s Brain!”

In addition, we really want to see Five Year Mission back as the House Band at Creation Entertainment’s Official 5oth Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas in 2016. Please send a message to Creation and to CBS to let them know you would, too!


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Episode 28: STLV Wrap-Up & Ashley V. Robinson

IS IT 2016 YET?

It was one amazing time, that’s for sure!

Bill and Dan have returned from the gigantic Official Star Trek Convention in (Fabulous) Las Vegas, Nevada!

They met new friends…

They got autographs…

They took pictures…

…and they laughed a LOT.

They also came back with the mysterious “Khan Krud” that seemed to affect a lot of people who attended. Now that they’ve finally recovered from that, they wrap up their experiences at STLV and talk about some of their lasting memories from this year’s trip!

Plus, we’re also joined by one of the new friends we made during the trip–none other than Ensign Williams from the web series, “The Red Shirt Diaries!” Ashley Victoria Robinson will talk about her favorite moments of the convention and tell us about the upcoming second season of RSD which debuts new, weekly episodes on YouTube starting Monday, September 14th!

Plus, find out all about Dan’s inability to set an alarm clock–all in this episode of the Trek Geeks Podcast!


The best way to prepare for season 2 of The Red Shirt Diaries is to catch season 1 all over again! You can do it–there’s 10 episodes and we believe in you! (Well, Bill does.  Dan…not so much.)



Join the official Facebook group of the Trek Geeks Podcast–Camp Khitomer!  Fans of all Treks are welcome in the group so, please, stop by and say “HI!”


We can’t thank the guys of Five Year Mission enough for letting us use their music on the Trek Geeks Podcast. Their Spock’s Brain album is out RIGHT NOW, so mosey on over to their website and get yourself a copy already! #MAKEITSO!

Plus, check out their other albums and see where they’re performing next at


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Episode 27: Geeks in Vegas, Part III


It’s the third of our minicasts from this year’s Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas!

Once again, Dan and Bill report on their experiences from high atop the Flamingo, overlooking the Las Vegas Strip! We met many listeners and new friends yesterday–and we hope to meet even more of you today as the KHAAANN winds down.

Today we recap all the great cosplay, Dan’s fanboy moments meeting Vic Mignogna, and our plans for today. Plus, hear about how Dan and Bill will randomly be screaming in the Dealer’s Room with Michele Specht at various, unpredictable times.

It’s the last day of our global family reunion where they also happen to hold a Star Trek Convention!  We hope you all enjoy it!


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Episode 26: Geeks in Vegas, Part II


NOW we understand what the phrase means! Sure, it’s a dry heat, but so is a kiln, honestly. It’s a good thing we spent plenty of time basking in the air conditioning at the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas!

Dan and Bill recap their second full day of the KHAAANN–they extol the virtues of Hash House a Go Go and talk about their first hand experience playing Star Trek Timelines! To be honest, the awesome folks at Disruptor Beam practically had to pry the iPads out of our hands after we were done test driving the game—but you can find out more about that in today’s episode!

Plus, hear about the screening of “The White Iris” which was presented by our friends at! (Did you know how hard it is to get a cab in Vegas anywhere other than a hotel? Yep. We found out! LOL)

Join us for Episode 25 of the Trek Geeks Podcast!


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Episode 25: Geeks in Vegas, Part I


It’s finally here! Bill and Dan have beamed down to Las Vegas for the annual KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN and have a report on their first day!

In this mini-episode, we discuss Dan’s first impressions of walking through the Convention space for the first time, his “Vic Moment” in which he squealed like a young pre-teen, the enormity of the Dealer’s Room, the brand new Original Series Bridge that Creation is making available for photo opps, and their plans for today.

It’s the first time we’ve ever recorded in the same room together and now we know why.

If you’re here in Vegas, please say “hi” if you see us and if you’re not, we hope you this mini-cast gives you a sense of how amazing it is here so you join us for the 50th next August!!



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Episode 15: STLV for NOOBS


With the giant Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas just a couple of months away, Dan and Bill talk about how to plan for #STLV if you’ve never been before. They also discuss Simon Pegg’s comments this week and play yet another round of Stump The Geek! Plus, Dan has a HUGE surprise that leaves Bill absolutely stunned and speechless.

All in Episode 15 of the Trek Geeks Podcast—join us, won’t you?


Simon Pegg’s comments on Star Trek Beyond:

Simon’s clarification on his own website:



The guys of Five Year Mission have just launched a Kickstarter to complete their Spock’s Brain album!

They’ve met the intial goal, but now they’ve got some fantastic stretch goals we can help them reach.  Please consider donating to their efforts–there are some great perks for contributors, too! Plus, check out their other albums at!


5YM is looking to finish their forthcoming Spock’s Brain album and are asking all of us to help make it a reality! They’ve met their initial goal and some of their additional stretch goals–but let’s see if we can help push them over the top!  Check out their Kickstarter here:


  • DAN: Should I stay at the Rio?
    • BILL: I don’t. The Rio is OK–but it’s not my favorite hotel. I’d also prefer to stay somewhere cheaper. The way I see it, I’m only going to be in my hotel room to sleep and that’s about it. So, I stay somewhere cheaper on The Strip, and I can either catch the free shuttle at Bally’s that runs to the Rio or take a short cab ride. This year, given all of that, I’ll probably save myself $300 just by staying somewhere else. It might not be as convenient as staying the same place as the convention, but that’s OK–because I just expanded my budget.
    • The other thing, too, is that there are a LOT of events and gatherings that go on after-hours at the convention–and many of them are a great time where you’ll meet a lot of great people. If you really want to immerse yourself in the Convention experience, then you may want to factor this in when making your lodging decision.
  • DAN: Can I walk from The Strip to the Rio?
    • BILL: You could, but I don’t recommend it.
      • Everything in Vegas is further away than it looks.
      • It’s Vegas. In August. It’s 112 degrees.
      • Don’t be a hero. If you’re not staying at the Rio, get a ride.
  • DAN: Which ticket package should I do?
    • BILL: I generally do other the more expensive ticket packages at other cons.
      • Smaller, more intimate
      • Vegas has about 10,000 people there
      • I default to General Admission because the section is huge and it allows me to have more money to spend on other things.
  • DAN: Should I buy my tickets for the con now?
    • BILL: You CAN–the General Admisison package is pretty cheap, but there is almost always a Groupon or other discount site with half-price single day tickets for the entire weekend which will save you money.
  • DAN: What about autograph and photo opportunity tickets?
    • BILL: I will from time to time, depending on who it is, because some opportunities can sell out. There’s no harm in that–the prices don’t go down at all and there are no discounts.
  • DAN: OK, so what about the Dealer’s Room? Is it really that good–because the one in Boston last year was…small.
    • BILL: Vegas has the biggest Dealer’s Room I’ve ever seen with more tables and booths of stuff than probably any other Trek convention. Plus, there are tables with actors signing autographs in the Dealer’s Room–like just about ALL of the TNG cast (with the exception of Patrick Stewart).
    • Pace yourself in this Dealer’s Room. There’s a LOT to see.
  • DAN: What should I budget for spending at the Convention?
    • BILL: that’s a tough one. The best thing to keep in mine when planning your Convention budget is EVERYTHING is more expensive in Las Vegas because it’s the BIGGEST convention of the year—snacks, drinks, merchandise in the dealer’s room, autographs, photos, EVERYTHING. Whatever you’d NORMALLY spend at a convention, I’d add at least 35% to it for Vegas and for a small buffer.
  • DAN: When does the schedule come out?
    • BILL: As much as I enjoy Creation conventions, this is one area where they drive me a little crazy.  The schedule for the weekend comes out like 2 weeks before the con and not a lot before that. I generally like a little more time to plan, but that’s the way they do it. The best idea is to keep an eye on their website.
  • DAN: What should I BRING to the convention?
    • BILL: I would bring the following…
      • Backpack—you’ll thank me later.
      • Padded envelope–for photos you may get autographed so they don’t get damaged.
      • Phone charger
      • Travel phone battery–the signal in the hall sucks sometimes and your phone may chew through battery looking for signal at times. Plus, if you’re like me, you’ll be taking a LOT of pics with your phone.
      • Snacks. Just remember to pack out your trash.
  • DAN: Any other tips?
    • BILL: If you’re not engaging in cosplay, dress for Vegas. It’ll be HOT.
      • Comfortable shoes
      • Check social media! Twitter, FB, etc. You may find out about things going on at the con you had no idea about by looking at other people’s post.  A lot of folks use the hashtag #STLV.
      • The Rio is one of the Caesar’s properties, so go into the casino and get yourself one of the TotalRewards cards, even if you don’t gamble. ALL of the Caesar’s properties offer discounts on EVERYTHING from bottled water to dinner entrees at restaurants with the card and a few bucks here and there adds up.
      • Check the schedule and keep checking it. There’s a LOT going on at the con and you can easily lose track of what’s going on. Plus, some cast members are only signing on particular days.

If you have suggestions for Las Vegas, please feel welcome to include them in the comments below or email us at trekgeeks [at] starfleet [dot] com and we’ll include them in an upcoming episode!


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Into Darkness’ Alice Eve added to Vegas Con

STID_eveCreation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas has added yet another guest–this time, it’s one from the new film Star Trek Into Darkness.

Alice Eve, who stars as Dr. Carol  Marcus in the J.J. Abrams sequel, makes her first convention appearance and is the second Into Darkness cast member to appear at the convention scheduled for August 8th-11th. (Deep Roy who plays Keenser was the first.)

Eve will also be present for photo opportunities on Sunday of the convention ($50), as well as autograph signing on Sunday ($30).

This brings the guest count at the giant convention to 94!   For more information on the convention, you can go to Creation’s web site.



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